Playspace Rules

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  • We do not provide childcare. The playspace is one open room so that you can keep an eye on your child(ren) from all areas of the space. Grownups are required to be in the play space with their child(ren) at all times.

  • The playspace is shoe-free. When entering our play cafe, everyone is required to remove shoes. This helps keep the playspace clean. We have socks available for purchase.

  •  No carry-in foods allowed. Our goal is to provide a safe food environment.

  • Change diapers in the restroom and dispose of them in our diaper trash. Do not allow your child(ren) to bring any of the toys, costumes, etc into the bathrooms. Make sure to wash hands before returning to the playspace.

  • PLEASE, NO SICK KIDS! This helps keep all of our kids and grownups safe and healthy. If we notice ill children, we will have to ask your family to leave.

  •  No food in the playspace. Your child(ren) need to keep drinks at the cafe tables. Grownups are allowed to have their beverages in the playspace.

  • Children 7+ can come play too, but we ask they play gently in the play areas and with the younger kids.

  • Help us keep the playspace clean. Clean up after your children and yourself. If you noticed a child put a toy in his/her mouth, please place that toy in our dirty toy bin.

  • Play nice! Mini Mocha Play Cafe promotes creative and imaginative play, which is the most fun when SHARING – please be considerate that the toys, books, costumes, etc are for everyone’s use. If you notice any dangerous behavior, please let our staff know right away!